Thursday, May 27, 2010

Healthtec Fusion Software a Boon for Doctors Offices

Thanks to recent technological advances, doctor's practices across the world are changing the way they do business. Electronic Medical Records software is the biggest thing to happen to doctor's practices since the advent of the computer. News was releases last year that government is strongly encouraging the use of electronic records in health practitioner's offices to cut down on deadly mistakes, fraud and an amalgam of other issues affecting practices and insurance companies. Not only is EMR being strongly encouraged, it may be required by law, especially since the healthcare bill has passed and will come into effect soon. There will be a shortage of practitioners and support staff, which only complicates the healthcare industries' problems.

Healthtec Fusion EMR Software with optional upgrades is a revolutionary new way for doctors to improve their practices by easing the strain of medical and financial record keeping.

Software systems help speed the process of record keeping for physicians and clinical staff by providing efficient and easily accessible information. EMR software is custom programmed to fit each office and practice's needs. There are many optional upgrades available, including practice management tools and scheduling modules that create an "end to end solution" for enterprises, group practices or even solo practices.

One optional upgrade, Healthtec Practice Management, also known as Healthtec PM, offers financial and business control over receivables, which eases cash flow issues. There is even a practice analysis included with the program. It can be expanded with accounting upgrades to include revenue cycle management tools to make electronic claims simple and easy. The claims scrubbing, electronic patient statements and auto-appeal rules engine features are extremely popular.

Another popular upgrade is the Healthtec Visual Scheduler, which was years in the making. The program allows scheduling of providers and their staff, patients, equipment, surgeons and virtually anything else that needs to be scheduled. This program isn't just an upgrade though. It can be used as a "stand alone scheduler" or can be integrated with other available systems on the market.

For more information on Healthtec Fusion EMR Software programs and available upgrades, please visit healthtec software's website. You can view demos, see overviews and receive free claims with their claims scrubber.